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Simple question, but very hard to find an answer. How can I cite version 12.9 of CPLEX? Shall I cite the very first CPLEX and indicate that I am using the version 12.9 of this, or shall I cite the new release’s handbook? If you suggest the latter one, how can I do it? I cite V12.1 as: CPLEX, IBM ILOG.”V12.1: User’s Manual for CPLEX.” International Business Machines Corporation 46.53 (2009): 157. And say that I use version 12.9 of this.It is a bit odd since 12.9 is released in 2019, but I cite 10 years ago. Ps: Is it only me who thinks IBM documentation, especially in CPLEX, is a bit sloppy? In general, it is very hard to jump through topics in the CPLEX website….

Source: solver – Citing CPLEX 12.9 – Operations Research