Re: PostgreSQL

Hi Hadi

If you want to define a datasource inside the IDE using the deployment_xxx.odmds editor, you first need to

– make sure that eclipse is “aware” of the jdbc jar file that you need to connect.

This means copying the jar file in two folders

  • Developer/ide/eclipse/dropins/oplide/plugins/ilog.odms.ide.odm_3….
  • Developer/lib

and restarting eclipse with eclipse -initialize.

– create a connection in eclipse

– declare the datasource using the editor.

Then you will need to make sure that your application has access to the jdbc jar file when running (need to be added in the Additional Jar Files tab).


One way to avoid configuring the IDE is to define your connection directly in the XML file.

You would write something like:




and then your datasource



Hope this helps



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