Re: Check Data failed after solve is completed

Hi Augn

1/ Can you tell me a little more on what you are doing exactly in the Solve task?

Is it a pure OPL model you are using?


2/ If you are using OPL you could do something like:

– print the solution in OPL script at the end of your model

– review the xxx_opl_mapping.odmopl mapping that you have defined in the IDE

If you don’t see anything, then I would suggest to remove all the mapping in the odmopl and then map the tables one by one to see which one is causing trouble.


3/ can you try deploying in standalone and see if you can reproduce the issue?

When working in standalone, you can find some logs in the Developer folder (odm.log files)

May be you can see something in there?


4/ The logs in the WebSphere Application Server can be found in the logs folder of the profile you are using.

For example in c:IBMWebSphereAppServerprofilesAppDOC39logs


Hope this helps


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