Optimization of business decisions – now a simple subscription away

IBM announced earlier this year the launch of a new subscription option to enable users to purchase the decision optimization software – IBM CPLEX Optimization Studio development edition on a monthly or annual basis.
You can get 40% off your IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio Developer Subscription when you buy two or more before 30th April, 2019.

IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio development edition provides an integrated development environment that supports mathematical programming, constraint programming and constraint-based scheduling solvers and model development tools. Since there is no limitation on the size of the models you can solve with the subscription version, users can leverage the powerful optimization solvers i.e. CPLEX Optimizer for mathematical programming and CP Optimizer for constraint programming and constraint-based scheduling to solve complex real-life decision-making problems. If you are building machine learning models to obtain insights into what is likely to happen in the future, you can now utilize the value of those insights by feeding the output of the machine learning models into optimization models built using ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio to obtain recommendations on the best action to take.

Take this real-world example of a paper manufacturer that was experiencing challenges with predicting demand and prioritizing orders. They decided to implement a predictive demand planning solution along with a decision optimization solution built with IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio subscription to better forecast demand, optimize inventory management and improve resource utilization. This paper manufacturer was able to save USD 50 million in excess inventory and waste, while improving utilization on the shop floor using an optimization-based solution. There are several other organizations across industries that are now leveraging CPLEX Optimization Studio subscription option to drive better business decisions.

For clients who want to deploy their optimization solution built with ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio within production scenarios, while also retaining the flexibility of purchasing using subscription options, IBM provides multiple deployment options through the Decision Optimization on Cloud Flex Tier subscription plans. The Flex Tier plans provide very high service quality through dedicated computing capacity at flexible and competitive pricing.
Flex tier plans are operated on a single tenant mode and jobs that you submit to your own queue are executed immediately and you can also execute multiple jobs in parallel on one machine. IBM offers Flex tier deployment options in a variety of server configurations and through flexible subscription options that provide the flexibility you need . That means you can buy both a small machine for service usage on a regular basis and a large machine for irregular peak usages on one contract with a plannable, fixed monthly price (and potential overage charges for usage overrun).

As you can see, IBM is making it very easy for data science teams and operations researchers to get started with using optimization software to drive planning and operational efficiencies and improve business outcomes. If you would like to learn more about the CPLEX Optimization Studio subscription options for development and deployment scenarios, please visit the CPLEX Optimization Studio page.

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