Issue Window in DOC Application


We built a DOC Application with a very detailed data check. If a missing data-entry is necessary for the optimization we display an error-massage and if the entry is not mandatory we only give a warning. 


Now we have the following problems:
First of all,  it can happen that the issues window in the DOC Application doesn’t show all the warning- and error-massages. I think, it only shows a maximum of 101 lines.(See example.png) Is there a way to change this limit? 

Second, is there a way to list error-massages prior to warning-massages? Consider the following case: If there are more than 101 issues (for example 120 warnings and 5 error-massages) , we could decide to ignore the warnings because the data-entries are not mandatory. Now it can happen that we can’t run the optimization, since there are still 5 error-massages, of which we do not know yet because warnings are listed before errors and the issue window only displays the first 101 issues. To start the optimization we have to get rid of some of the first warnings, before we can even see the real problems. This is very annoying. 

Thank you for your help!
Regards, Irina

Source: Issue Window in DOC Application