how to warm start with a CSV file


I’d like to warm start a model. I first read a CSV file as follows.

tuple xTuple
string _from;
string _to;
int decision;
{xTuple} initX={};
var f = new IloOplInputFile("X.csv");
while (!f.eof){
        var str=f.readline();
        var ar = str.split(",");
        if (ar.length==4)  {
                initX.add(ar[0], ar[1], Opl.intValue(ar[2]));
Then, I make sure that the (i,j) pairs are ordered in the same way I defined in mod file. 
{realX} vectorX =  { |  in TupleX,  in initX};   


Now, I need to pass each (dec) as a solution value to another mod file. If I was solving a model to get the initial results, I was doing the following;

                var vectors = new IloOplCplexVectors();
                vectors.attach(m1Opl.X, masterOpl.X.solutionValue);

How can I replace  X.solutionValue by (dec) defined in vectorX?

Source: how to warm start with a CSV file