Creating an array thru scripting

After getting a respond at, I decided to create an array while reading my data from a CSV file.


I define tuple and fill it. 

        tuple XTuple
        string a;
        string c;
        int t;
        setof(XTuple) Xtup ={ |  in locset, t in 1..time };

Then, I define an array.

int arrayX[Xtup];

Now, when I read my data set, I need to identify each and start filling arrayX accordingly.


var f = new IloOplInputFile("X.csv");
while (!f.eof){
        var str=f.readline();
        var ar = str.split(",");
        if (ar.length==4)  {
                myX[] = Opl.intValue(ar[3]);

Could you help me out how I should fill the inside of myX[] ? 

Source: Creating an array thru scripting