CPLEX Optimization Studio for students and academics

Through the Academic Initiative (AI) program, IBM provides CPLEX Optimization Studio and other resources at no charge to students, teachers and researchers. The version provided is the fully functional one, with no limitations in the size of the models or the search tree.

For quick access to CPLEX Optimization Studio through this program, go to

If you need a version of CPLEX Optimization Studio that you can’t find on the Academic Initiative website, please send an email to [email protected] specifying what version you need and for which platform (Windows, Linux, macOS). Please make sure you send any such email from the same address as you used to register in the AI program, and that you explain why you need a version of the software that’s not the most recent one.

If you have a question about using the software, please post it in one of our support forums:
Mathematical Programming (general)
CP Optimizer
OPL using CP Optimizer
Constraint Programming (general)

Thanks for using CPLEX Optimization Studio!

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