Check Data failed after solve is completed

Hi, I am using IBM ILOG ODM Enterprise – ODM Planner studio version 3.8 for supply planning business. We are experiencing the intermittent and unusual error which “Check Data” process is failed due to missing foreign key/ missing mandatory field. The steps are below.

1. Create a new scenario

2. “Check Data” process is passed and “Solve” process is completed.

3. When execute “Check Data” again, it fails as missing data (Foreign key or mandatory field).


We have checked all the log files in Opti server and Data Server and couldn’t find any error during “Solve” process. We suspect that populating data for saving back to database has some issue and it cause the corrupted data. As said earlier, the error happens intermittently.

Please help advise how to fix it. 

Source: Check Data failed after solve is completed