5 reasons to attend the Digital Developer Conference: AIOps & Integration on April 20

Get ready to extend your smart and secure solutions on hybrid cloud—with the latest AI-powered automation for IT operations and integration.

Decentralized applications bring several benefits over traditional application architectures, but they also increase the need for AIOps and integration capabilities—especially for the enterprise. Open source technologies, like Kubernetes and Docker, allow for consistent and explicit deployment of portable workloads across hybrid cloud environments, but developers and IT operations engineers need new skills to optimize deployments, monitor apps, and remedy problems quickly, with confidence, using advanced AIOps techniques.

This Digital Developer Conference on AIOps & Integration focuses on the integration development and AIOps communities, and it provides you with the opportunity to design, develop, operate, and experience secure, AI-powered automation for IT operations and integration in your hybrid cloud environments. Whether you’re a developer, architect, SRE, or IT Ops engineer, you’ll discover ways to invest in AIOps and integration so that you can address challenges with decentralized, microservices-based applications. Subject matter experts will guide you through the essentials, experiences, and exercises to help you develop these worthwhile skills. For information on the conference and to explore the agenda, go to ibm.biz/devcon-aiops

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Reason 1: Dedicated tracks on designing, developing, and operating applications

Design Your AIOps & Integration Architecture

Recommended for architects, this track provides expert advice on how to plan for the AIOps and integration technologies you’ll need to develop and manage your hybrid cloud solutions. Learn how AI can be leveraged to automate processes and improve security. Hear from leading clients and their developers to see how you can mirror their success.

Develop Modern, Decentralized Applications

Recommended for application and integration developers, this track provides a technical look into how to implement and deploy hybrid cloud applications that leverage multiple integration technologies including APIs, event streams and messaging. Address the operational and development lifecycle aspects of your applications such as CI/CD, security, and governance. Also, you’ll learn how to utilize AI and operational data to automate test and development.

Operate Your Secure Applications

Recommended for SREs, ITOps, and security SMEs, this track provides a view on how AI can help automate IT operations management to deliver a more secure, reliable hybrid cloud environment. Topics include incident detection and resolution, DevSecOps, and application observability.

Reason 2: A variety of expert speakers

Here are just some of the experts from IBM, Red Hat, and our Partner ecosystem who will bring you critical insights and skills for automation and integration capabilities. Partners from across IBM’s developer ecosystem have collaborated to share their knowledge and success in the AI-powered automation and integration space.

Rama Akkijura – IBM Fellow, CTO AI for IT Operations, Master Inventor and IBM Academy Member

In her session, Rama will describe how semi-structured application and infrastructure logs are analyzed to predict anomalies early, how entities are extracted and linked from logs, alerts, and events to reduce alert noise for IT operations admins, how NLP is put to use on unstructured content in prior incident tickets to extract next-best-action recommendations to resolve problems, and how deployment change request descriptions are analyzed in combination with past incident root cause information to predict risks of deployment changes to prevent issues from happening in the first place.

Rob Nicholson – Distinguished Engineer, CTO IBM Integration

In his session, Rob will explore how using AI and operational data together can help automate the work of integration practitioners, allowing them to deliver integrations faster and better.

Eric Wright – Director Technical Marketing, Technology Evangelist at Turbonomic

In his session, Eric provides a deep technical dive on Application Resource Management (ARM) to highlight how AIOps provides highly distributed and dynamic applications the resources they need to perform. AIOps is the cross-section of observability and actionability helping customers automate IT operations so they can focus on innovation and deliver the best customer experiences. Learn how ARM brings higher levels of automation to App Performance Management (APM) solutions through AIOps.

Jayashree Ramanathan – Distinguished Engineer at Red Hat

In her session, Jayashree provides a technical deep dive of the architecture used to accomplish the goals that enterprises have in meeting standards for software engineering, resiliency, security, and regulatory compliance for public, private, multi, and hybrid clouds.

Sameer Kamani – Solutions Architect at Gitlab, serving US Public Sector Agencies

In his session, Sameer covers a new way of incorporating AIOps into DevSecOps to improve efficiency and effectiveness for finding problems, fixing them, and deploying fixes before major incidents occur. AIOps can free up precious time by surfacing critical information before incidents occur by positively influencing development decisions.

Jeremy Hogan – Cloud Partner Solutions Architect at Confluent

In his session, Jeremy gives an introduction to Kafka and concepts like topic partitioning, consumer groups, and exactly-once semantics. Plus, learn about the different libraries and frameworks available, like Kafka Streams and Connect. Then, understand how the Confluent Platform for IBM Cloud Pak for Integration can take your enterprise Kafka deployment to the next level.

Eric Carter – Director, Product Marketing at Sysdig and
Mateo Burillo – Product Manager (EMEA) at Sysdig

In their session, Eric and Mateo will discuss and demonstrate key considerations for security and compliance across your DevOps lifecycle from development through production. You’ll hear how to secure your build pipelines, detect runtime threats, and validate compliance to confidently run containers in production. Learn how deep visibility into your containers together with intelligent AIOps can help you break down information silos, reduce the number of IT incidents, and resolve issues quickly.

Reason 3: Courses, labs, certifications, badges, and special offers to attendees

The conference offers opportunities for certifications with the Cloud Integration Essentials and the IBM MQ Essentials courses. IBM Software developer David Carew will lead the Cloud Integration Essentials workshop, giving developers hands-on experience with a comprehensive cloud integration solution using IBM Cloud Pak for Integration. IBM Software Engineer Max Kahan and IBM Sr. Software Engineer Richard Coppen will lead the IBM MQ Developer Essentials Lab in which developers will learn how to develop applications with IBM MQ and deliver messaging solutions in minutes. After the workshop and lab, take the quiz and verify your newly acquired skills. Both the course and lab create industry-recognizable and shareable digital credentials for your LinkedIn profiles.

For more information on the course and lab refer to:

Reason 4: The Watch Party Livestream

During the conference on April 20, IBM Developer Advocates will host a 24hr watch party livestream. Session speakers and other developer experts stop by to hang out, do some live coding, and answer all your AIOps and Integration questions. This will be your chance to get first hand interactions.

Reason 5: Special offer from edX for conference attendees

Introduction to Cloud Computing from IBM, is available on our partners edX’ platform. Developers will be introduced to the core concepts of cloud computing, and will gain the foundational knowledge required for understanding cloud computing from both business and practitioner perspectives. This course is suitable for anyone who is new to Cloud – whether you just want to understand the Cloud jargon, or are intending to start a career in a Cloud related profession. A 50% discount is offered to all conference attendees. The discount code will be made available on April 20 and will expire on May 31. (One redemption per user)

Read more about the course, check the syllabus, and meet the instructors at https://www.edx.org/course/introduction-to-cloud-computing-6

For information on the conference and to explore the agenda further, go to ibm.biz/devcon-aiops

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